As a self-proclaimed “lover of people and doer of things,” I’m a jack of many trades. I enjoy building communities, spreading joy and creating a kick-ass culture within an organization. I have an overwhelming desire to learn, improve and grow both personally and professionally, and am honest, real, and competent. Honestly, I’m really competent. I also think I’m funny, but I might be the only person who thinks that.

My professional experience ranges from project and community management to operational strategy, employee experience and company culture. Needless to say, I couldn’t pick a favorite, and enjoy having my hands in all of the above. Though I prefer the startup world, I’ve dabbled in advertising as well. 

When I’m not making magic at the office, I enjoy: all things internet, making plants and pots for Brooklyn Regal, exploring NYC and the world, guacamole, and brunching. 

I’m ready for any challenge, excited about life, and think success can only be achieved with a smile. I live by the motto: work hard and be nice to people (and YOLO, but don’t tell anyone.) 

Please say hello over email or on twitter! I’d love to be your friend. Oh, and take a look at my resume here. 

Thanks for visiting, and have a wonderful day!

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